Lynette Cook - ESCAPE: Online exclusive


ESCAPE— Online Exclusive Exhibition

August 19 – September 22


Please join us Saturday, September 9 at noon for a live in-gallery artist demo


Delight in the urban scenes created by American realist Lynette Cook, who depicts images she observes during walks through her Northern California neighborhood, including San Francisco and its surrounding regions. In her ESCAPE exhibition, Cook’s masterful and detailed acrylic paintings concentrate on the lights, shadows, and silhouettes filtering through fire escape railings to showcase the order and rhythm determined by the afternoon and morning rays of light. As with all of Lynette Cook’s work, she directs our view to a beauty born from the mundane, and she shares with us the thrill of suddenly seeing so very much. 


The exhibition is viewable online at:

And a selection of the work will be on view in the gallery.